Essential Darts for Drafting Flat Patterns by Charlotta School of Pattern Cutting

Essential Darts for Drafting Flat Patterns


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Learn some of the most creative and useful dart manipulation pattern cutting skills and apply them to your own flat pattern designs

From vintage to contemporary garments, darts are fundamental to creating exciting patterns that will give you beautifully shaped + fitted garments every time.
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Essential Darts has everything you need to begin and master darts in your flat pattern cutting:

Complete beginner or intermediate designer/sewer? This is the perfect video series for you. I'll start with the complete basics such as blocks and how to draw a pattern. Then I will teach you all about the basic dart positions and how to manipulate them, before moving on to some highly creative advanced dart drafting techniques.

The Best Place To Start Your Pattern Cutting Journey

I have created this course to help you take the worry out of where to start!
By beginning with the basic fundamentals of pattern cutting, you'll learn how to apply these skills in designing a whole range of darts, not only learning pattern cutting along the way, but also bring some personal style to your garment creation.

Let's have a look at what's inside Essential Darts 👇

Your Illustrated Guide Including A Whole Range Of Easy To Follow Diagrams & Instructions

The guide has everything you need to know, from comprehensive explanations of basic bodice manipulation to easy to follow, custom illustrated instructional diagrams.

The guide also works hand in hand with each video lesson so you have two ways to learn.

Advanced pattern cutting techniques:

Once you have finished the basics of Darts Essentials or if you are already confident in drafting basic darts, I've got some advanced dart ideas for you. I'll analyse how they work and teach you the skills to draft a whole range of designs.

By the end you should be confident in drafting most conventional and advanced darts.

Easy To Follow Tutorials

If you've ever been confused by tricky diagrams and complex instructions then I have the perfect solution for you.

I'll lead you through the whole process of how the basic bodice block works, then I explore how darts actually look and work on the mannequin and then show you how to draft them in easy to follow videos.
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Plus, you still get all the diagrams and written instructions in the illustrated guide to accompany the videos.
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Let's take a look at the video lessons👇

Lesson 1: Using The Bodice Block

Ever wondered what a block is and how it works? We start at the beginning, showing you what a block is and how to use it.

Lesson 2: How A Flat Pattern Works

A really important part of pattern cutting which is often missed out as it is assumed that you know it. I don't, so I show you what a flat pattern is and how to use it.

Lesson 3: Transferring Patterns to Fabric

The transition between the pattern cutting stage and making your garment. There are a few really important rules which I'll share with you.

Lesson 4: Learn How To Use Your Toile

Our toile lets you evaluate your pattern cutting. We'll share some tips and tricks on how to get your toile right, which will help you develop your pattern cutting.

Lesson 5: How To Draft Basic Bodice Block Dart Manipulations

There is a whole range of basic darts to experiment with. I'll lead you through the most fundamental ones and show you how to draft them.

Lesson 6: How To Mark Your Darts On Your Toile

This is a great way of transferring your designs onto the mannequin. I show you how to use design tape and share useful tips to get these right.

Lesson 7: How To Draft Twinned Darts

This is a dart which lends itself to lots of designs. I'll show you the twinned dart's design points and lead you through the entire pattern drafting process.

Lesson 8: How To Draft Curved Darts

Curved darts can be applied to lots of different styles. I'll show you how they work and then draft the pattern with you.

Lesson 9: How To Draft Gathered Darts

This is a really unusual dart as it introduces volume to your pattern cutting. I'll show you why I think it's an essential dart to master and show you the complete drafting process.

Have A Peek At What You'll Get Immediate Access To

Below you'll see a full list of contents. I have made the first video available to preview so you can get a feel for the type of content I teach in this class.

What's included in your free course?

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Illustrated Guide
Essential Darts Illustrated Guide PDF
248 MB
Video Lessons
Lesson 1 - How The Bodice block Works
2 mins
Lesson 2 - How A Paper Flat Pattern Works
3 mins
Lesson 3 - How To Transfer Your Pattern To Fabric
4 mins
Lesson 4 - How To Use Your Toile Effectively
2 mins
Lesson 5 - Basic Dart Manipulations And How To Draft Them
9 mins
Lesson 6 - How To Use Design Tape To Sketch Out Your Initial Design on The Mannequin
5 mins
Lesson 7 - Learn How to draft twinned darts
12 mins
Lesson 8 - How To Draft Gathered darts
13 mins
Lesson 9 - How To Draft Curved Darts
15 mins
Bodice Blocks For Printing Out
Basic Bodic Block Front.pdf
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Basic Bodic Block Back.pdf
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You'll also get bodice block patterns

Standard womenswear bodice blocks for front and back (without seam allowance). For drafting all the patterns. Instructions for printing are included.
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Or alternatively. you are free to use your own blocks if you have them.


Who is the course for?

This FREE course is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning how to draft their own garments. If you have great ideas, this course will help you to make the best use of darts in your designs and give you the skills to be able to turn them into workable patterns.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

This course is suitable for beginners and also anyone with a basic or working knowledge of pattern cutting. As long as you're super passionate about fashion design and making your own clothes(which is why you're here right?) and know the rudiments of how clothes work, I'll guide you through the rest.

How much does the course cost?

The course is 100% free. You have lifetime access to it and you can watch the video tutorials as many times as you like and your digital download of your illustrated guide is yours to keep forever.

Will you teach me how to sew my darts

While this course doesn't feature sewing instruction, by signing up Essential Darts, you will receive all updates on my future courses and some of them will feature sewing instruction.

Do you have other courses I can do?

Yes I do! please check the courses page We are busy working hard right now on a collection of courses designed to fit together as a full programme of pattern cutting & fashion knowledge & know how. The school of Pattern Cutting is all about mastery and my future courses will focus on all aspects of pattern cutting and garment construction. If you sign up for Essential Darts, then you will receive all updates on future courses.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Charlotta, a graduate from both the BA in Fashion Design + Marketing and the Post Graduate Certificate in Innovative Pattern Cutting at Central Saint Martins in the UK. I have taught for 9 years in Fashion Design, Pattern Cutting, Drawing and Fashion Illustration. I am a professional pattern cutter and I also have 12 years experience in womenswear for both high street and high end brands.